5 Myths About Service Awards

5 Myths about Service Awards

Article written by Incentive Services University

The truth is the majority of Service Award programs out there are outdated and ineffective. Many programs were designed years ago and based on concepts from decades ago. It’s easy for these programs to get put on auto pilot but if you haven’t evaluated your program, now is the time. This is real money that could be better spent.

Here are 5 common myths about Service Awards and the reality…

Myth #1: Employees only care about the award

Reality: The presentation from the manager is more meaningful to the employee than the actual award. This is why it is extremely important to provide managers with the tools to make an effective presentation.

Myth #2: Employees are overwhelmed by a large selection of awards

Reality: There’s a reason a large percentage of your employees never select an award. Today’s employees want choice. Gone are the days of offering 25-50 “traditional” options. Employees want better brands and more options.

Myth #3: The website has to be boring and only for ordering purposes

Reality: The website should be an extension of your company and a dynamic experience for your employees. Technology allows you to highlight employees and get their peers involved.

Myth #4: You can’t appeal to every generation with the awards catalog

Reality: The truth is you can. The key is to build your awards selection based on your company’s demographics. You should have a blend of traditional awards for the baby boomers and lifestyle awards for the millennials.

Myth #5: Switching providers is difficult

Reality: It’s a lot easier than you think. An experienced provider will have the knowledge and detailed plan to make the transition quick and seamless.

Is it time you re-evaluate your Service Award program?

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