Do Performance Strategies Work

Performance Strategies help organizations prioritize their key business goals, engage their people to work towards accomplishing these goals, and positively reinforce and reward them when goals are achieved.

Performance strategies capitalize on the basic human need to be recognized and the desire to be praised for completed hard work. Performance Improvement not only aims to engage and enhance the top levels of an organization (i.e. traditional incentive reward & travel programs), but also targets all levels within an organization. USA Today identifies a group called the “B players”, which makes up 75% of “ignored” workers within a given company. Performance Improvement works to improve the middle line so the organization as a whole can be successful.

The following articles support the success of Performance Strategies. For additional information or Case Studies, contact an Incentive Services Sales Consultant.

Performance Strategy Articles

Incentives, Motivation and Workplace Performance

Incentives, Motivation & Workplace Performance

Executive White Paper, by Harold D. Stolovitch, Richard E. Clark, and Steven J. Condly

New study proves that properly constructed incentive programs can increase performance by as much as 44%. Despite the fact that U.S. organizations spend over $100 billion annually on incentive programs, many business people question their effectiveness. Now, a ground-breaking study proves that incentive programs can boost performance by anywhere from 25 to 44 percent, but only if... Read More
Power In Numbers

Power in Numbers

Motivation Strategies, by Brendan Coffey

The numbers are in: Thanks to a series of recent studies confirming that happy... Read More

B Players Hold The Cards

B Players Hold The Cards

Employers Learning That ‘B Players’ Hold The Cards, by Del Jones, USA Today

Micah Joel, a systems engineer at SupportSoft in Redwood City, Calif., calls himself a ... Read More

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