What is Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is the practice of ‘maximizing performance through people’. It is based on the notion that people can be motivated to perform at a higher level. It is a process that focuses on personal and organizational enhancement to achieve an increased level of output.

Performance Strategies target key Business Issues, focusing on the Performance Issues that will positively impact these Business Issues if behaviors are changed. These strategies include the development and execution of four components of Performance Improvement: Communications, Training, Reinforcement, and Measurements/ Analysis.

The following articles explain different aspects of employee-based and sales-based performance improvement strategies. For additional information or Case Studies, contact an Incentive Services Sales Consultant.

Performance Marketing Articles

Get With The Program

Get With The Program

HR Guide to Incentives, by Heidi Waldrop

Employee initiatives exceed expectations with these creative strategies for success. Once the exclusive domain of the sales team, incentive programs are making their way into virtually every nook and cranny of the corporate structure. However, a successful incentive program isn’t just about winning that trip to Hawaii for selling the highest number of widgets, but part of a broader view of what spells success and contributes to the bottom line of a... Read More
Praise for Peers

Praise for Peers Goes A Long Way

Wall Street Journal, by Erin White

Recognition programs help companies retain workers as pay raises get smaller. More U.S. employers are encouraging co-workers to pat each other on the back. Companies ranging from Boeing Co. to Taco Bell have created systems for colleagues to applaud... Read More
Driving Performance

Driving Performance In All Stages of The Product Lifecycle

Product Management Today, by Stan Striker

Motivating a sales force to remain engaged throughout the product lifecycle can be a challenge. In the constantly evolving world of pharmaceutical products, motivating a salesforce to remain engaged in the detailing of a product throughout the product lifecycle can be a challenge. To address this issue, some companies have developed product lifecycle management strategies to reward... Read More

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